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At 23 Stone Caitriona was classed as morbidly obese and despite trying numerous diets she couldn’t manage to shift her extra weight. In the 14 months since Caitriona made the life changing appointment to attend Orsmond Clin

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I had been steadily putting on weight since about a year after I got married and especially after having my children. I never lost all of the weight I had gained. It was starting to get me down. Then, in November 2010, I was

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I was overweight for many years and had tried quite a few times to lose weight, unsuccessfully. I had been on blood pressure and cholesterol medication for years and have a history of diabetes in my family. My GP mentioned Or

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In just 8 months, Daniel Killeavy has literally gone through a transformation. At age 16, he can now look forward to a healthier and happier future! Daniel’s mother feels that her son always struggled with weight. Daniel wa