‘Obesity affects outcomes in Covid, and that is why we must tackle it’

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It’s not too late to read last Sunday’s Irish Independent on my views on the lack of government policy & guidelines on how to help people to see the link between COVID-19 and obesity- just follow the link below. It is an established scientific factor that excess weight promotes inflammation, and can lead to worse COVID-19 complications. Prevention is always better than cure as we have seen how in many cases COVID-19 leaves people with long lasting disabilities and reduced quality of life. In my opinion the best ‘herd immunity’ is achieved only by tackling the inflammation in the body by reducing any factors that send the immune system crazy, including healthy lifestyle and weight.

What do you think? Should the government be openly discussing our personal responsibility in maintaining a healthy weight especially since so much of our taxpayers money is put into various Covid-19 resources with ZERO emphasis on healthy dieting & weight management? Why is this subject such a sensitive one? Overweight and obese people need professional empathetic advice and support in tackling their weight, not finger pointing or fat shaming.
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