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Medically supervised weight loss programmes

Excess weight is known to exacerbate many medical conditions. Losing weight may improve these conditions and in some cases, reduce dependence on medication.

Get motivated and encouraged to lose weight with one of our Medically supervised weight loss programmes.


Each Programme is tailored to suit individual goals
  • Individualised approach given to each client
  • These programmes are suitable for individuals with various medical conditions
  • Weekly appointments ideal for motivation and monitoring progress
  • Nutritionist works with client to keep diet varied, practical and interesting
  • Long term skills to maintain weight loss form an integral part of these programmes
Type 1 Diabetes

Price Guide

Medical Assessment with Dr Eva €285

  • Assessment is completed before starting a Programme

Mini medical programme €700

  • Inclusive of one set of bloods
  • 12 appointments with a Nutritionist

Medical programme €930

  • Inclusive of two sets of bloods
  • 12 appointments with a Nutritionist and three appointments with Dr Eva

Fully supervised medical programme €1,250

  • Inclusive of three sets of bloods (or more if required)
  • The number and the frequency of the appointments with Dr.Eva is determined on individual basis depending on the patients medical requirements.

Diabetes recovery programme €1,250

  • Inclusive of three sets of bloods (or more if required)
  • 40 day fully supervised medical programme. Number and frequency of appointments and bloods to be discussed together with the patient during the Medical Assessment.

**All blood results are explained and discussed face to face with the patient during appointments and a hard copy is given.**

**These are guidelines as the exact programme will be determined after assessment**

Dr Eva

If you’re ready to change your relationship with food for the better and lose weight, contact us today.

Our team will help you to set realistic goals that align with your dietary and medical requirements in a safe and supportive environment.

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