Diabetes Recovery Programme

Solar Alvura Health Hotel

Treat your Diabetes at the luxury Solar Alvura hotel.

We are pleased to announce that we are taking bookings for our new Type 2 Diabetes Reversal and Improvement Programme at Solar Alvura.

Take control and improve quality of life

Each 10-day Programme starts on the 20th of each month. As a boutique hotel with just 21 rooms, early booking is advisable to ensure your space.

Our specialist diet is based on a typical weight loss of 10% of the starting body weight in 40 days. This is imperative in order to re-activate the exhausted beta cells and improve insulin sensitivity.

We have a choice of Medical (Therapeutic) and Non-Medical (Restorative)Programmes They both include:

  • 10-day All-inclusive stay in Solar Alvura in our Classic rooms.
  • Glucose monitor and Dr Eva’s supervision of results.
  • Supervision of weight loss during the stay with weigh-ins.
  • Educational talks on the condition.
  • Cookery demonstrations.
  • Suitable for those on diabetic medication.
  • Suitable for those with any level of glucose control based on HbA1c.
  • Personal support from Dr Eva in person and via phone.
  • Blood tests as required.
“I am no longer on medication for Diabetes Type 2 and after 35 years I am free of taking medications for blood pressure. My life has been transformed beyond my wildest dreams.”

Tom Madden

Type 1 Diabetes
Price Guide

Medical Programme

  • Original 10-day all-inclusive stay at the Solar Alvura resort hotel.
  • Followed by 30 days of a fully medically supervised programme after your stay.
  • In-person consultations (in Ireland) or digitally (in Ireland or the rest of the world).

Cost: €3950 all-inclusive.

Non-Medical Programme 

  • Suitable for those who are not on medication for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Suitable for those with good glucose control based on HbA1c no more than 47
  • 2 blood tests.

Cost: €2950 all-inclusive.

*95% of newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics (where Diabetes has only been diagnosed in the last 5 years) have an excellent chance of reversing their condition. People suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for longer can still in many cases reverse the condition or at least have better glucose control with less reliance on medication.

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