Week Four

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We’re now at the end of our 4 week series of discussions with Brendan O’Connor! Hope you’ve all found the plans and recipes helpful and learned a bit about calorie counting. It’s hard to figure out exact calories as a lot of the information on the packaging is misleading and the applications used for calorie counting are not always accurate either. It takes an experienced eye to spot these mistakes!

In this final week we’re hoping to cover some medical issues, including metabolic syndrome and why people on some medications need to be aware that their medications may need to be adjusted once weight loss and lifestyle changes start naturally improving their health. Two of the most commonly needed medications would be those to treat blood sugars (for type 1 and type 2 diabetics) and hypertension (blood pressure), and you need an experienced doctor as well as regular monitoring to know how to adjust these medications. We’ll try to squeeze some chat also about snacks and give you some low calorie snack alternatives to help you further in your journey!

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, 4th of July on Radio One at 11am.

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Diet Plan- Week Four