Catherine Leyden – 2st 7lbs

Catherine Leyden – 2st 7lbs

Catherine came to see Dr. Eva after she was told she was endangering her health with alcohol abuse. She had developed a bad habit over the years, and her cardiologist was keen for her to attend a detox clinic in Dublin.

” I had two weeks to wait for the appointment and said I’d hold off until I see Dr. Eva- and she was amazing”, Catherine told the Daily Mail. Now Catherine is like a new woman. Not a drop of alcohol has passed her lips since February, and she got to wear a dress for the first time in five years, down from dress size 22 to 16! “People are commenting on how well I’m looking and that makes me feel very good.”

Catherine started on Dr. Eva’s specially tailored diet plan where alcohol was initially still part of the plan, but in reduced quantities. As she was classified in the severly morbidly obese class, she was in serious need to start losing weight as well as reducing the units. She was feeling breathless and suffered generally from low energy levels, despite her amazing input in her daily job as one of the nations favourite TV chefs. The diet was tailored to suit her lifestyle, and Catherine was encouraged by Dr. Eva to start cooking more diet-friendly dishes.

Dr. Eva couldn’t be more proud of Catherine’s success. ” I think she’s an amazing role model. I see a lot of women with a bit of a problem with alcohol, that they are slowly having more than they should be having.”

This is how Catherine feels the habit came on to her as well, slowly and over a period of time. ” You start with a glass and then you’re having a bottle before you know where you are. I couldn’t have kept going, lads. I’m not in my first bloom of youth any more and I don’t want to go yet. My health is very important to me.”

Catherine, who is now aiming to lose another 1/2 stone before Christmas, is encouraging women not to give up on themselves. ” A lot of people feel once they hit 50 or 60 think, ah, sure there’s no point doing anything about it now. And nobody encourages them either, I don’ think, to get healthy and lose weight. Now I think it’s important  to encourage the older women to think that she can look just as good if she loses the weight.”

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