Mairead McMahon – 1st 9lbs

Mairead McMahon – 1st 9lbs

I had been told by my doctors that I couldn’t reverse my diabetes. I had heard about Dr. Eva’s clinics and read about her Reverse your Diabetes book and that’s how I actually chose to come to her clinics.

When I came to Dr. Eva’s I was worried about my health, the diabetes. I was worried about the possibility of losing my toes; I wanted to try get it under control. I didn’t want the issues of not looking after it.

I lost 18lbs, I’m really happy with the weight loss and the energy. When I come home from work now I am not as tired all the time, I can do things that I couldn’t do.

I feel great.I don’t have brain fog anymore. I look a lot better; I can move quicker. I’m no longer taking the diabetic medication since my HbA1c is within the normal range (37).

I’d recommend Dr. Eva’s Clinic to anyone because the results I find are brilliant. The support I got from the staff, their knowledge and recipes was great and it helped me along.”

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