Anne Walsh – 2st 12lbs

Anne Walsh – 2st 12lbs

Anne is a diabetic for 20 years and found her blood sugar control was poor despite taking insulin. She knew that she had put on weight previously when taking insulin so decided to come to the Orsmond Clinic and see if diet and nutrition could help manage both her blood sugars and her weight. Within 1 month on the diet, Anne was off insulin and coping much better.

“I found the very low calorie diet a little bit different to start with but once I got into it, it wasn’t difficult and I was able to fit it into my normal eating pattern and the weight just fell off.

On the diet, my blood sugars came down very quickly too. I started to need new clothes very quickly into the plan which, along with the improved blood sugar control, gave me a further incentive to keep going. By losing 40 lbs I have not reversed my diabetes but losing those 40 lbs now means that I don’t need insulin anymore. I have very good glucose control.

I am off my statin medication and I am now more active and can participate more in normal living.”

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