David Lyons – 3st 9lbs

David Lyons – 3st 9lbs

I had been heavy for a few years but with lockdown got to my heaviest weight ever.

My wife had heard about Dr. Eva and the clinics, and suggested for me to look into this. While I had lost weight with the help of a personal trainer before, I hadn’t looked into getting professional help like this to deal with my weight before.

It was after I saw a photo of myself in Toronto and didn’t like it I called the clinic the next day.

I was skeptical about the diet to begin with as I thought doing slow lifestyle changes would be better – but also I knew I needed to see results.

“I have now lost 22kg since January 2022 on the diet without exercise. I have had to buy new clothes and some of my old clothes are now fitting. It has been very encouraging to hear nice comments when I see people that I have not seen for a while. I actually realized just recently I hadn’t taken that many photos of me in recent times – even from a family holiday of 3 weeks in holiday – I was probably subconsciously avoiding getting into pictures”.

I like good food and vegetables and this is also why the diet has worked for me. I am still continuing to lose weight, but maybe only want to lose another 6kg until I hit my personal target. I feel lighter and healthier and also feel better about having embarked on this journey for my young family.

The programme was simple, not leaving me with too many decisions. Initially it was very easy for me to follow the diet as it came at a time when I wasn’t traveling with my work, and I was able to give it 100%.

I have recently started back into traveling for work. I work for an Australian company and I travel around the world, including to Australia. I have managed to pack some of the diet foods with me from the clinic – which I find has made it very achievable to follow the diet the best I can when I’m away – but also I have had no problem picking healthy food choices while in restaurants as I had discussed these choices in advance with my nutritionist.

It was very important to me – with my work- having the flexibility of having the 3 snacks and 3 meals / day, this made it very achievable for my work and lifestyle as I do go out for meals with my colleagues, but also need convenient snacks too. I found the selection of the VLCKD diet products good. I was also making recipes from the clinic and made some of my own too.

I still rely heavily on the soups- I find them great as if I need to have something to fill me up.

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