Emma – Weight Loss & Improved Sleep

Emma – Weight Loss & Improved Sleep

I’ve struggled with my weight for many years and had begun to feel so down about my weight. I gave up because I felt I was destined to be overweight.

I saw a family member doing the Dr Eva Orsmond diet plan and my first thought was “mmm” her lunch looks nice how can you eat that and lose weight?

I went home and discussed the plan with my husband. He said do it if you want. As they say I found every excuse not to do it. I do remember someone saying “your like a car if you don’t look after it, it won’t go”. So I made the decision to go. I was thinking I’ll be starving on this diet but actually I found the opposite to what I thought. I watched my weight go down and my smile grow bigger every week. Today I rang to book my follow on app and was amazed at how many cm I have lost of my waist. I’ve two girls who love the food plan even though they would have been fussy eaters. The way we originally made spaghetti bolognese will never be made again, as the kids say they only want the way Dr Eva’s recipes says to make it.  I feel like I’m eating takeaway when I cook the recipes and I feel like a chef now. This is the best thing I ever did for myself. I feel happier, healthier and I’m sleeping better at nights. I had to stop running when I had weight on as I couldn’t physically do it but I’m back out running something I thought I would never do. I’m exercising more with the children and they notice the change in how I feel about myself.

I couldn’t thank everyone involved enough for all their help and support. They have given me a new outlook on health. They listen to you at weigh in or you can email a question about your plan. They are amazing and the plans are wonderful. Huge heartfelt thank you to everyone involved. I really am so happy and delighted I have continued. Thank you all.

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