Gerry Keaveney – 2st 7lbs

Gerry Keaveney – 2st 7lbs

A surprise diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes when Gerry was in hospital being treated for pneumonia resulted in a full medicine cabinet.

A further diagnosis of high blood pressure 2 years later, that was going to be treated with another tablet, prompted Gerry to ask his GP was there any other way other than taking another tablet. His GP suggested increased physical activity and weight loss, which surprised Gerry as he didn’t feel overweight at the time. When Gerry started at the Ormsond Clinic he was taking 9 tablets a day, which he calculated was 279 tablets a month or 3,348 a year!

“The most striking thought is that my diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure were resolved by changing my diet and my lifestyle, and by losing weight.”

“In total, I have lost 2 stone 7 lbs. Now that’s not a lot, but it was enough for me to reverse my diabetes and most importantly get off all medication as well. The secret is to follow Dr Eva’s plan to the letter, yes, to the letter. I did and I am proof it works.”

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