John Dalton – 9st

John Dalton – 9st

John discovered an advertisement for Dr Eva in the local parish newsletter which prompted him to make an appointment to see if she could help him to lose weight. During his first consultation with Dr Eva, John was shocked to discover that he weighed 26 stone. Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 1996 meant that John was taking both tablets and insulin to control his diabetes. It never occurred to him that his type 2 diabetes was related to his weight.

John felt that he was on a life sentence with insulin and was delighted at the possibility of no longer needing it if he lost weight.

John followed the Very Low Calorie Ketogenic diet and after only 2 days on the diet lost 2 kgs (4.4 lbs) which he found very encouraging. He weighed in weekly at the clinic where he received his weekly diet plan and even though he faced scepticism at home he was determined to succeed and lose this weight. By Christmas he had lost 5 stone and other people were starting to notice.

Since losing 5 stone, John no longer needs to take insulin. He has heaps of energy, is out enjoying his vegetable garden again, soaking up the sun and doing lots of walking which he avoided when at this heaviest weight.

Update: January 2019 John has lost a further 4 stone in weight giving him a total of 9 stone and is still off all his diabetes medication.

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