Louise Doyle – 5st

Louise Doyle – 5st

As soon as Louise lost 5 stone and reached her healthy BMI she had no problems in fertility working for her, once pregnant she continued to monitor her weight for a healthy pregnancy for both Mum and baby

Louise started at Orsmond Clinic in March 2011. In her mid-thirties and weighing about 17 ½ stone, she was feeling very depressed and down about her weight. Louise wanted to lose weight to increase her self-confidence but also for her fertility as she knew in the back of her mind that it was having an affect but could never face this fact.

“Losing 5 stone in total was an amazing achievement for me. I am now 4 months pregnant. As soon as I lost all that weight and got to a healthy BMI we had no problem with fertility working for us.”

During her pregnancy, Louise met with her nutritionist every 6-8 weeks where they designed a pregnancy nutrition programme. This programme ensures that she is gaining the right amount of weight and is keeping fit and healthy while also providing the correct nutrition for her baby’s health.

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