Louise O’Shea – 4st 6lbs

Louise O’Shea – 4st 6lbs

So I said I’ll give this a shot and it has worked out amazing so far – I’m down 4st 2lbs in 14 weeks. It’s really, really great.

I had struggled with this my whole life and I decided to change. I was severely overweight and very unhappy with myself.

“It’s really exciting. Every week it’s like I’m down either 3-4lbs. It’s moving so fast- which is great. It has really changed my wellbeing as well. My energy is sky high. I’m very happy”.

It’s a really easy diet and it’s so enjoyable cooking as well- I have a Netflix show playing and music playing, and then I’m set for the week with the food. I’m never hungry either because there’s snacks throughout the day and there is a huge variety of those as well. I love now how people are noticing and complimenting – that really is encouraging and makes me want to keep going. I would completely recommend Eva’s clinic to a friend, colleague or even a loved one because it’s just such a great diet to do.

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