Michelle McDonagh – 4st

Michelle McDonagh – 4st

Student life coupled with moving in with her boyfriend didn’t do any favours to Michelle’s waistline.  Feeling emotional and depressed as to how overeating was impacting on her life, Michelle finally admitted to herself how bad she had let things get and made the decision that she had to do something about it. Having her measurements taken and hearing that she was obese at her first appointment gave her the final motivation she needed to get started.

“It was actually so easy because I was given the exact foods I was to eat.  I was giving the times of day I was going to be eating”.

I think with other diets they are kind of still left to you to make those healthy choices but you don’t know where to start with them so you make them up as you go along.  Whereas with the Orsmond Clinic it was just this is your breakfast, this is your lunch, this is going to be your dinner and these are your snacks.  The first 3 days were difficult but once I got my head around it, it was fine.  I lost 2 stone in the first 2 months”

The best thing for Michelle about losing 4 stone is the fact that she can now say that she is a healthy weight with a healthy BMI.

Her confidence when meeting new people has increased as has her energy levels.  Losing weight gave her the confidence she needed to apply for a new job.   She couldn’t be as active as she wanted to be when she was overweight, but now she has taken up running which she does every day and loves.

In January 2016 Michelle got in touch to let us know she has lost a further 7 lbs and has run a marathon!

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