Niamh Doherty – 12st

Niamh Doherty – 12st

Aged 39 and weighing 18 stone Niamh decided it was time to give up smoking, within a year of quitting, she had gained 5 stone. Her weight was affecting her in many ways. Her mobility was compromised to the point where her son had to help with putting on her shoes and socks, she couldn’t stand for long periods of time and her asthma was worsening.

Her turning point came as a result of a trip to London for a work conference which woke her up to how debilitating her weight had become.

Walking to the departure gate at the airport with her colleagues, Niamh had to stop several times to catch her breath and rest, which was hugely embarrassing for her. This was all compounded by a camping trip with her sister and their children that same summer where Niamh didn’t have the energy to join in the cooking or cleaning or playing with the children.

Niamh is amazed at how much she has achieved in just 1 year. Not only has she lost 12 stone which is half her body weight but she is also living life to the full. She can now participate in exercise, such as Yoga, without suffering pressure pains in her back and her knees. She is paying much fewer visits to her GP as her back pain and chest problems have greatly subsided. She now has tons of energy and no longer needs a CPAP machine to help her sleep. Her quality of life has increased immensely due to this fantastic weight loss.

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