Pat Mulcahy – 4st

Pat Mulcahy – 4st

Faced with the possibility of having to start using insulin instead of his diabetic tablets, which would result in even more weight gain, Pat who was around 19 stone 3 lbs at the time, decided to investigate if there was another way as he had heard of Dr Eva’s success working with Type 2 Diabetics.

When he asked his consultant, GP and local pharmacist if it was possible to reverse his diabetes they all agreed that it was impossible. This was all the challenge Pat needed to attempt to prove them wrong.

“Due to the fat around my middle my insulin pump wasn’t working, Dr Eva gave me no guarantees but did suggest that it may be possible to reverse my diabetes if I lost that fat.”

“I went on to lose 4 stone and reversed my diabetes to the amazement of my GP and my consultant. Since then I’ve put on a little weight and I notice that when my weight goes up my sugars go up, when my weight comes down, my sugars come down, which to me proves that Dr Eva knows what she is talking about”.

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