Peggy Cheevers – Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

Peggy Cheevers – Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

Peggy Cheevers was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic from a routine blood test. She had no symptoms and had been feeling well. She was shocked at the discovery, and the GP started her immediately on several medications. They made her feel very unwell, but the doctors insisted that she had to stay on them. She didn’t get any lifestyle or dietary advise, and her weight or waistline were not measured.

Peggy herself started to think that maybe her diet was not as good as it should be. She came to see Dr. Eva, who advised her that she could reverse her type 2 diabetes by losing the excess weight from around her abdomen, and Peggy started on the VLCKD diet. She was feeling very well and found the diet easy to follow.

Most importantly, she reversed her type 2 diabetes and feels the benefit of losing this weight in her quality of life.

Her home glucose readings and HbA1c remain in non-diabetic ranges even though she has now returned into eating normally, including enjoying some carbohydrates.

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