Seamus Doherty – 4st 7lbs

Seamus Doherty – 4st 7lbs

Seamus’s concern for his visceral fat around his tummy, his sedentary job as a taxi driver plus his unexplained tiredness motivated him to start at the Orsmond Clinic.  When his blood test results were returned to him, Seamus was shocked to hear how high his cholesterol was even though he was taking medication for it.

He was further shocked to discover that he had diabetes, with a HbA1c of 61 and that his metabolic age was 70.  He got his motivation there and then to do something about his weight.

12 weeks after starting on the medical plan, Seamus reduced his metabolic age to 50, shaving 20 years off his life, his blood sugars and cholesterol also returned to normal within a mere 12 weeks of following our plan.

At his last weigh in in September 2016, Seamus has lost a total of 38 lbs and his HbA1c is now non-diabetic with a HbA1c of  37.

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